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So What Does CourseKey Do?

Modern learners are graduating into work environments that leverage technology, and we believe preparing students for their futures means embracing technology in the classroom. Beyond enhanced classroom engagement, instructors are using CourseKey to help their students learn how to learn, promote student accountability, and make every lecture hall feel like a true community.

Location-Based Attendance

Promote student attendance and accountability. Instant, accurate and reliable reporting.

Question-Driven Lecture

Use formative assessment strategies to take the pulse of your class. Generate class-wide feedback without taking away from teaching time.

Student-Focused Feedback

Break down communication barriers by giving every student a voice. Self-categorized 1:1 communication to make sure no questions go unanswered.

Social Learning

Extend the student conversation in or out of class to practice peer-to-peer learning and knowledge diffusion. Observe or participate in student-generated discussions to strengthen the learning community.

Data-Driven Teaching

Help students identify exactly where they are struggling to prepare for exams. Real-time grading and analytics on in-class activity available to the instructor and students.

Presentation Tools

Let students ask questions to drive discussions without leaving your presentation. Teach your content without jumping between screens or devices.

What Educators Say About CourseKey.

Used on 40 campuses, instructors weigh-in on their experiences using CourseKey

“CourseKey is the Best Tool in my Toolbox.”

“From organizing my students in a visual grade book, to delivering self-scoring quizzes with realtime results, CourseKey has become an indispensable tool in my educators toolbox. I couldn’t imagine going into another classroom with out it.”

Kevin Popovic, Professor

“It does so many things I want it to… a great teaching supplement… saves me so much time in class… brings students together… integrates technology in the classroom in a relevant way… I could go on and on…. a big fan!”

Jeff Klubeck, Professor

“I think it’s a great tool and it has facilitated a lot of things that were important to me, like giving weekly quizzes, engaging students during class, and giving credit for attendance.”

Emma Geller, Professor

“I approached the CourseKey team wanting to put it in that class after my attendance dropped below fifty percent. Now, I have seen close to a 30 percent increase in attendance!”

Seth Kaplowitz, Professor

“I am a first time user, and had a particularly busy/hectic teaching load this semester ( I am a lecturer who teaches on 3 different campuses). MyTA saved the day for me every time by posting my quizzes, even though i usually gave her less than 24 hrs to do so. Thanks Ashley!!”

Anthony Merritt, Professor

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