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CourseKey for Class Engagement

CourseKey gives you the tools to make sure your students want to keep coming back to class. Boost your class engagement by mixing-and-matching assessments, polls, question and answer sessions, and class-wide chats and review the analytics later.


Break up the pace of lecture with polls and question sets, generating live results. Or, simplify grading for quizzes, exams, and homework assignments.

class engagement through assessment
class engagement through answering questions

Question & Answer


Squash shyness by letting students push questions to instructors from their own devices. Leverage us outside of lecture to build relationships via virtual office hours.

Social Channel

Real-time class communication via group chat, leaving outdated messaging forums in the past. Instant notifications makes sure no message goes unseen.

class engagement through chat

Meet our team and explore how CourseKey can enhance your classes.