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CourseKey Pricing For Career & Vocational Institutions


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“I approached the CourseKey team wanting to put it in that class after my attendance dropped below fifty percent. Now, I have seen close to a 30 percent increase in attendance!”

Seth Kaplowitz, San Diego State University

“It does so many things I want it to…a great teaching supplement…saves me so much time in class…brings students together…integrates technology in the classroom in a relevant way…I could go on and on….a big fan!”

Jeff Klubeck

“I think it’s a great app and it has facilitated a lot of things that were important to me, like giving weekly quizzes, engaging students during class, and giving credit for attendance.”

Emma Geller

“I am a first time user, and had a particularly busy/hectic teaching load this semester ( I am a lecturer who teaches on 3 different campuses). MyTA saved the day for me every time by posting my quizzes, even though i usually gave her less than 24 hrs to do so. Thanks Ashley!!”

Anthony Merritt

“CourseKey has helped me to create engagement in my classroom with my students. From automated attendance to realtime results on my quizzes, these little things have added up to make a dramatic impact in how my students learn.”

Kevin Popovic, San Diego State University

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