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CourseKey for Accurate Attendance

We know manual attendance methods are time consuming and traditional device-based methods can be cheated. That’s why we give you the power to choose the location-based attendance technology that makes the most sense for your campus, your classes, and your externship sites.

Sound Wave Automated Attendance

The students’ devices check them in when they recognize the high frequency tone emitted by their instructor’s device. Our most secure solution for accurate attendance.

students check in for accurate attendance with sound technology
students check in for accurate attendance with gps

GPS Automated Attendance

Students check into pre-built classroom or externship site geofences, without taking time away from lecture and learning.

QR Code Attendance

Students scan a session-unique QR Code, projected or printed, to check in and out of class.

student checks in with qr code for accurate attendance

Meet our team and explore how CourseKey can enhance your classes.

devices coursekey takes accurate attendance with