Workplace Performance & Learning

Modern technology for the workforce of the future

Workforce assessment at scale

CourseKey offers observational assessments, which allow supervisors to evaluate employee performance and skill-based competencies on the job. The resulting data is great for any manager looking to gain a clear view of their workforce’s ability to perform successfully. Our real-time software means insight is available on demand without waiting for written evaluations.

training center engagement

Engaged employees from day one of training

We understand how important building and retaining a skilled workforce is and the role strong employee engagement plays in getting there. CourseKey enables you to boost your employees’ confidence and become invested in their own development through real-time assessments during instructor led training. To increase collaboration, participants can ask any question directly to the instructor or peers through in-app social channels.

Real-time analytics to target strengths and deficiencies

Data collected through CourseKey in your training centers and on the job are aggregated to give you instant insights into learning and performance. Stay ahead of the competition by quickly understanding where your workforce is excelling and where opportunity for growth lies, with just a glance at your dashboard.

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