Our People

We’re a young and mighty team made up of nerds, artists, entrepreneurs, dads, dancers, and builders. With more than a little bit of “save the world” attitude, we’re just as obsessed with helping make sure your students cross the finish line as you are.

A self-described futurist, Luke has a healthy obsession with new technologies, specifically those that better education. Luke previously worked in venture capital where the positive experience spurred his jump into entrepreneurship. He also likes to play basketball, where he currently averages two points per game in his adult men's league. Luke is the reigning office ping pong champ.

App of Choice: Kindle

Luke Sophinos

Founder & CEO

Passionate about learning and problem-solving, Tom studied Electrical Engineering at Penn State and completed his MBA at the Wharton School. Tom’s eclectic career includes leadership experience in venture capital, consulting, manufacturing, and technology, with more than ten years of Board of Director and Advisory experience in education. Tom can always be counted on for a good dad joke or a quick one-liner, and when he's not in office he can be found fly fishing, walking the dogs with his wife, or spending time with his sons.

App of Choice: Flipboard

Tom Hartman

EVP, Sales

Fadee has a serious passion for building and a strong sense of curiosity. When he got his first computer, he immediately rolled up his sleeves and started taking it apart in an effort to understand how it worked. This led to him falling in love with software engineering and helping to co-found CourseKey. A big food fan, Fadee is a devout follower of the See Food Diet, and when he's not grabbing seconds or playing with technology, he's taking in a good book, manga, or comic.

App of Choice: CourseKey

Fadee Kannah

Chief Technology Officer

Born to two educators, Natasha has made it her mission to bring positive change to educators by dreaming up innovative tech solutions to tackle their biggest challenges. As a seasoned dance mom, Natasha taps into her organizational skills and ability to perform gracefully under pressure by regularly completing hair and costume changes in under 2 minutes.

App of Choice: Insight Timer

Natasha Conahan

Chief Client Officer

Ryan is a CourseKey co-founder and serial problem solver, which came in handy for helping develop the company from prototype to post-revenue in less than twelve months. Also know as "Mr. Get Er' Done," Ryan tackles any challenge by making the complex simple and the boring fun (and bugging the development team whenever he gets stuck).

App of Choice: Mint

Ryan Vanshur

VP, Client Success

A co-founder and product master, Marc is fascinated by the human psyche, particularly its relation to the technologies we embrace. When he’s not busy innovating on the future or searching for answers about the origin of the universe, Marc enjoys exploring new music and artists. Attending concerts is his favorite pastime, so you’re likely to find him at a local venue doing the two-step shuffle.

App of Choice: Spotify

Marc Barron

VP, Client Integration & Operations

Product Manager, Chemical Engineer, Art Curator, and Ice Cream Expert--Ariel believes in the importance of constant learning and iterative improvement. She's excited to empower students to make the most of their education and be the best version of themselves.

App of Choice: Pokemon! Go

Ariel Kunkel

Product Manager

Jerry is CourseKey's resident chameleon, adapting to whichever role gives him the best shot at building meaningful relationships. A true renaissance man, Jerry is a mixture of business, family, and old jazz music (think Frank Sinatra reincarnated). He is always on the search to grow his library and enjoys learning about new business strategies, all while sipping a cup of coffee.

App of Choice: Evernote

Jerry Olea

Account Manager

Ashley is on a mission to create a better world through the use of technology. With her education in social work, Ashley enjoys spending her days helping students be successful and achieving their educational goals. When she's not in the office you might find Ashley hiking a mountain, dancing to Ben Harper, or researching her next adventure.

App of Choice: Lime

Ashley Jessen

Customer Success

Perched on the 20th floor with the best view of airport arrivals, Hannah considers herself an amateur air traffic controller. More than a little obsessed with aesthetics and communication nuances, she covers all aspects of CourseKey marketing. During nights and weekends, Hannah is baking bread for the team, training for a race, or rewatching The Office for the 12th time.

App of Choice: Tumblr

Hannah Zwick

Director of Marketing & Special Projects

Jackson's passion for education comes from his parents, who were both teachers. In an effort to max out his PTO, Jackson can be found traveling, trying new restaurants and enjoying the best table wine around. He’s never squandered an opportunity to eat pasta.

App of Choice: PGA Tour.

Jackson Batchelder

Enterprise Account Executive

As an ENFP, Melissa approaches things with optimism and tenacity. She flips problems into opportunities even if they are bigger than her. (It's okay, she knows self-defense.) Weekends are typically filled with spontaneous adventures, bongo jam sessions, and/or listening to TED Radio Hour all the while drinking some of her dangerously delicious kombucha.

App of Choice: MindSumo

Melissa King

Engagement Specialist

Luan is passionate about Android development, fitness, and dancing. When he is not staring at his computer screen at work, Luan enjoys playing ping pong, salsa dancing, or winning board games.

App of Choice: Google Photos

Luan Nguyen

Software Engineer

After discovering his passion for programming in high school, Woo has spent more than a decade developing software. Woo builds iOS apps that feel like magic, and just so happens to be CourseKey's resident magician (no disappearing tricks with the code, though). In his spare time he enjoys feeding his curiosity about machine learning and virtual reality.

App of Choice: Robinhood

Michael Woo

Software Engineer

Fadi is an artist and mathematician with a love for web development. When not programming, Fadi can be seen fiddling with his Rubik's cube, playing ping pong, or consuming copious amount of coffee.

App of Choice: Zeplin

Fadi George

Software Engineer

Caitlin is a developer and artist with a passion for education and an obsession with thoughtful design. In her free time, you can find her riding the aerial tram at the San Diego Zoo or daydreaming about her future maritime detective agency.

App of Choice: VSCO

Caitlin Trussell

Software Engineer