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Luke Sophinos

Luke Sophinos currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of CourseKey. A self described futurist, his passion has always been building a better tomorrow. In the last decade, he’s founded two companies, raised millions in venture capital, and worked at a seed-stage investment fund. 

Sophinos was selected for Peter Thiel’s (Founder of PayPal/First Investor in Facebook) mentorship program for entrepreneurs, the Thiel Fellowship. Collectively, companies created by Thiel Fellows are worth more than $2B. Sophinos was also recently named a top thirty emerging entrepreneur in the United States by Inc. Magazine and one of the Top 25 entrepreneurs in the United States at Entrepreneur Organizations 2016 GSEA awards.

He currently holds two outside board seats and has two patents pending. Patents include authenticating students via their mobile devices through sound, and through GPS, in brick-n-mortar classrooms. Luke’s board seats are with the Zahn Innovation Incubator and with the EdTech start-up, Mystro, a venture built by Rostam Zafari, the original inventor of the rapid Ebola test. 

Luke is on a mission to improve education through the use of simple and effective technology.

Steve Altman

Mr. Altman was employed by Qualcomm Incorporated for 24 years from 1989 until his retirement from the company in January 2014.  At the time of his retirement, he was Vice Chairman of Qualcomm.

Mr. Altman also served as President of Qualcomm from July 2005 to November 2011 and is considered the chief architect of Qualcomm’s strategy for licensing its broad intellectual property portfolio for wireless communications.

Mr. Altman serves on the board of Dexcom, Inc. (Stock symbol: DXCM) and ViaCyte Inc., is the managing partner at AJL Investments, LLC, a family investment vehicle, and is chairman and co-founder of GigTown, LLC, an app-based software platform that enables music fans to discover, listen to, and book their local musicians.

Mr. Altman also serves as Chairman of the University of California at San Diego Health Sciences Leadership Board.

David Roland

David Roland is Chief Venture Capital Officer for Ingram Content Group. David leads Ingram Content Group’s investment activities, which include identifying and providing early stage funding for emerging technologies and services that are core to Ingram’s businesses. In addition, he leads Ingram Content Group’s merger and acquisition activities.

David joined Ingram Book Group in 2000 as Assistant Vice President and Assistant General Counsel. In 2002, David was named Vice President and General Counsel for Ingram’s print-on-demand business unit Lightning Source. In 2005, he added the role of General Counsel for Ingram Digital Group, Ingram’s digital solutions business unit that included Ingram’s educational content delivery platform Vital Source Technologies, LLC. Most recently, David held the role of Senior Vice President and Deputy Chief Legal Officer for Ingram Content Group.

Prior to Ingram, David practiced with the Nashville firm Greenebaum, Doll & McDonald, specializing in corporate mergers and acquisitions work. Before relocating to Nashville, David held the position of General Counsel with Braun Intertec Corporation, an engineering and environmental consulting company.

David received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Minnesota in 1982, graduating summa cum laude. He received his juris doctor in 1987 from the University of Minnesota Law School, graduating cum laude.


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