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CourseKey is proven to lift retention and improve outcomes through location-based attendance, auto-graded assessments, interactive textbooks, engaging social channels, and powerful analytics.

CourseKey Attendance

Automate attendance tracking and ensure data accuracy through a suite of location-based methods. Whether your students are in a classroom, clinical, or externship setting, you can do away with manual methods.

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coursekey assessment

Coursekey Assessment

Keep students engaged by creating standardizable content in the form of polls, surveys, homework, quizzes, and tests, all delivered directly to their devices.

CourseKey Social

Keep the whole class connected through student communication channels or enable them to ask questions from their own devices.

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live analytics

CourseKey Analytics

Measure real-time learning at scale. Identify who is at-risk, intervene, and reduce drop rate, leading to improved retention. View attendance, assessment, or social insights at a class, campus, or institution level.

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Real-Time Data

Whether you're an instructor, student, or administrator, with CourseKey, you never have to wait for a turnaround on grades or attendance status. Everything is automated and accessible through any device.

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Hands-On Roll-Outs

Every CourseKey partnership begins with collaborative planning and execution for a smooth and successful implementation, whether you're adopting for five students or fifty thousand.

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User Friendly

We made sure CourseKey was simple to use on any device, without a big learning curve involved. Additionally, we're both FERPA compliant and ADA compliant, with customizable accessibility options.

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Integration Options

CourseKey integrates with your existing SIS or LMS to make sure information always ends up where you need it. Different options are available, depending on the desired automation of your integration environment.

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Paperless Environment

CourseKey's product suite enables you to go completely paperless by leveraging software instead. CourseKey covers all the bases for the in class experience and can work adjacent to your SIS or LMS, meaning no more manual input.

world class support

World-Class Support

We're committed to being the best support you've ever had. Between a beefy knowledge base, helpful how-to videos, and real humans on email, chat, and phone, we've got your back.

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